If I Could [Live 3​.​28​.​10]

by Steph Anderson

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This song was written for the season of Lent at the church I used to work for. It is supposed to be Mary's perspective on the last day/hours of Jesus' life.


"If I Could"
By Stephanie Anderson

There’s a ragged dirt road before you, my son
It was laid out before Your story had begun
And with every breath you take you move closer to your fate
But the tears that I will cry, cannot provide your escape…

If I could take this I would gladly place it on my shoulders…
If I could ease your path I would lead you there…
If I could change His mind I would gladly write a thousand letters
But I know…you have to go…my Son.

The sun is in the sky as they lead you to the hill
The people in the crowd are watching your blood spill
And with every step you take, I am with you at your side
You will not be alone, my son, when you die


I remember the time I first held you in my arms
I remember all the nights I protected you from harm
But I don’t think that I can save you from this…
So put on your brave face and give your mother one last kiss..



released April 22, 2011
Vocals, Guitar-Steph Anderson
Piano, backing vocals-Rick Nork
Harmonies-Beth Gault
Drums-Ed Haran




Steph Anderson Cincinnati, Ohio

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